Sunday, June 26, 2011

Villa Pia

I'm in heaven. this place is pretty much perfect. Yesterday we sat on a hill with the children playing with new friends below, a gorgeous sweeping valley below and a glass of wine and my kindle by my side. the kids went right to bed after the children's supper and our evening grown up meal was fabulous. We had four courses and the wine flowed. almost everyone here is British and it is so fun to talk with everyone and learn about how they do things.
Our second story apartment is framed with jasmine growing up the walls and the smell drifts in through the open windows in the evening.
today I asked the boys what they would like to do today and they told me they would just like to stay here and not travel. so that is what we are doing. We spent the morning playing with friends at the tube slide and dressing up in costumes from the costume box in the toy room. We had another amazing lunch and then we spent three hours at the pool which has a trampoline on one side and a sand pit on the other. the pool is a bit cool for my boys (it's about 84 degrees here but it is cold at night), and it is way too cold for me. the kids have found that the small barrel where you can dunk children to get the sand off is warm and so we have dubbed it the " Texan hot tub". they lounge in there while the other British kids swim in the real pools.
Michael and I are enjoying reading our " Game of thrones" books on our kindles and mostly enjoying the gorgeous views and the relaxing atmosphere.
Michael was distressed to find out that the vespa museum he really wanted to visit if 2.5 hours away. we are still undecided if we will make the trek. I am ignoring my food allergies and eating almost everything they out in front of me. the food really is amazing here. I'll diet when I get home.

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