Saturday, July 23, 2011

8th Anniversary, Talent Show, Karaoke Night

We've had a good week. It seemed to fly by. We had an awesome Monday evening ranch Happy Hour. We were celebrated the fact that Michael passed the third, very difficult test in a series and is now officially a CCNP! This is great news and I am very proud of him.
Tuesday night was our eighth wedding anniversary. Mom and Dad kept the boys and Michael and I drove up to Austin. We did the omakase at Uchi and it was amazing. WE had ten courses of delicious bites as well as a lovely, way-too-smooth bottle of sake. We were there for four hours and then we took a taxi to my parents' condo. We spent the night there for what will probably be the last time since they are selling it and drove home in the morning. It was a great anniversary.
Wednesday was a recovery day for me. I was a wee bit hung over and I had done a lot of driving so I flaked from book group and went to bed at 8:30.
On Thursday we had a great swim playdate with Davis' good friend. It was so sweet to see them so happy to see each other after over a month apart.
Friday was the talent show day at the kids' camp. Sam demonstrated karate again and Davis showed off his roller skating skills. He performed with his good friend Rowan and they were both so proud. After the talent show we went up the Jumpy Place for a playdate with Violet and Graham. They had a terrific time and wore themselves out. I drove them home and cooked a yummy dinner of veggie burgers and coconut curry sweet potato fries. I loved them so much I want to marry them. I will post the recipe soon.
And then Miss Anna came over to babysit and Michael and I went over to my parents' house for karaoke night. My cousins Manie and Lilly came with two of their friends and my aunt and uncle and Stacey and Chris. We had a great time. I sang some new songs and enjoyed singing with everybody and watching how everyone got into the songs. It was a blast. I paced myself well and felt good this morning- always a bonus. This morning I went for a run and then Michael and I cleaned the house. This afternoon we are headed for the Highball to bowl with my sister to celebrate her birthday. Good times!

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