Monday, July 11, 2011

First Week Back

Jet lag was hard on us. The boys and I seemed to fair worse than Michael, but we all suffered. It took several days before we were able to function after about 3PM. We eased into the week as gently as we could, so basically other than cleaning and grocery shopping, we stayed in on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday the kids watched the shuttle launch with Michael and in the afternoon we had a pool party with Stacey and Chris and the girls and it was awesome. On Saturday we met with an old college friend of Michael's and our mutual friend, John. We met at South Park meadows and the kids enjoyed the splash pad and playground and we all enjoyed the Waterloo Icehouse there.
Saturday afternoon we finally took the kids to see Cars 2. They have been begging to see it since January when they learned it was coming out. While we were in Europe, they would see it advertised everywhere, but they agreed they wanted to wait till we got home to see it so they could see it in English. This was their second movie theatre experience after a failed attempt two years ago when we tried to see UP. Ever since then Davis has declined any offer to see a movie at the theater. This time, however, they loved it. They had popcorn and put on their 3-D glasses and sat quietly through every moment. It was a win.
When the movie was over we threw on our swimsuits and met Tiffany and Kade and mom and dad at the pool for a pool party and hamburgers. We all had a great time.
Sunday we went to church and enjoyed the best service we've attended yet. It was all about staying in the now and not putting off things that you could do now. After church I made us all lunch (well not me, since I'm cleansing again- shakes and greens- yuck), and then we picked up Tiff and Kade and went to rent tubes at the Lions Club so we could tube down the San Marcos river. The kids had never been before and we were excited to share the tubing experience with them. We got tubes with bottoms in them for our boys and they liked that. They got hot though and I think they were a bit bored. They kept asking when we might hit some rapids. They didn't understand the just lazing and floating bit. I think beer really adds to the whole experience and so they just can't understand it properly till they are 21. Still we all had fun and they said they loved it so there is that.
Today they started church camp. I pick them up at 3:30 and we'll see if they love it. I hope so since I signed them up for three weeks of it.
We also had a big ranch fire again this morning. The fire department came out and put it out and left, but it flared up again this afternoon and they had to come back out. This drought is so bad.
I've been spending my evenings catching up on reality tv and searching the internet for next year's summer vacation. Really all I want to do is go back to Villa Pia. I can't believe it's over.

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