Friday, July 15, 2011

Hard Week

This week has been hard. Michael was in Dallas all week so I was single parenting. I got a speeding ticket. I locked my keys in my car. It's one hundred bazillion fucking degrees outside. We had a fire on the ranch which then flared up three times. Michael came home and the first thing we did was have a fight. I forgot to wish my most fabulous mother-in-law happy birthday/anniversary while on the phone on the most special day (today! Sorry Martha! Love you!). I've put my foot in my mouth quite a few times. And most importantly and probably the reason for most of these things (not the heat or the fire) is that I have been on an intense allergy clean and have only had shakes and greens for SEVEN days. I am hungry and irritable. The last three nights I have spent the whole night dreaming that I am at a restaurant ordering and eating french fries. And other fried things, but mostly fries.
That all being said, we have had some good points in our week. The kids have been in camp all week and they seem to like it mostly. The boys and I met up with Cheris and her kids at the jumpy house on Wednesday and we had a great time catching up. I drove out to New Braunfels to spend some time with Stacey and Chris and their kids on their summer vacation. Chris and my boys jumped off a tall rock into the river. I was both terrified and impressed. They declined to do it twice. And today the kids did a cute little talent show at camp where Davis demonstrated how to make a paper airplane and Sam showed off his karate skills (of which he has none, but he doesn't know that so it was very cute). And Michael and I made up and made a fabulous plan for our anniversary next week.
And most importantly, I am going to quit this stupid shake diet and go have some Mexican food. And then I feel like maybe my whole world will get better.


cheris said...

Ugh! Sorry! Now go eat something yummy.

Martha said...

all is forgiven---love you too !!