Monday, July 18, 2011

Lady Bird Lake Bat Float and More

We had a great weekend. I ate lots of mexican food and had two skinny margaritas on Friday night and I was new woman. I do so love food.
Saturday we rose early and worked out and cleaned house and were loaded in the car in our swimsuits by 9:30AM. We drove out to New Braunfels to play with Stacey and Chris some more on the summer vacation. We had a good morning in the pool and then we followed them to a lunch place with burgers and a playground. It was really cloudy and so the outside seating was actually bearable. We ate burgers and drank wine and had a great time. Then we drove home, put on a movie for the boys and Michael and I took an hour long nap. Ahhh, perfect.
Power nap accomplished, we quickly dressed and reloaded the car and drove up to Austin where we had happy hour with our friends Cheris and Rob. They shared the fabulous tartufata I brought them from Italy and it was so yummy. Then we followed them to the Texas Rowing School on Lady Bird Lake where we had a potluck on the dock. Davis' long lost friend Evie came with her dad and all the kids had a splendid time. Rob tuned up with his band, Out of the Blue on a floating raft and Michael and the boys and I climbed into a canoe. Davis was a bit sad that he couldn't be in the canoe with Evie and Violet, but he managed to still have a fabulous time. We paddled a mile and a half out to the Congress Street bridge and shortly after we arrived, the bats poured out. They came out fast and the whole thing was over in about eight minutes, but there were so many of them! It was really cool to be under the bridge and hear their chirping before they came out and then see them just fill the sky. We sat for a little longer listening to Rob's bluegrass, letting the kids sing along and watching the sunset.
Then I realized we still had to paddle back. While the evening had perfect until then, this is when I was done, but I was still a mile and a half away from the dock. A mile and a half is a very long way when you are rowing. And done. Which I was. And so were Michael and the boys. The sunset was beautiful and the music was good, but I was so glad to finally see the lights of the dock ahead in the darkness. We didn't get home until ten and we all fell into bed and slept immediately.
On Sunday we decided that other than a necessary grocery store run, we wouldn't leave the ranch. We relaxed and puttered around the house and got stuff done. We went swimming at my mom's house and played with the kids. I cooked and cooked and cooked some more. I made waffles and homemade tomato basil soup and marinades and chocolate chip cookies and eggplant tomato casseroles and coconut red beans and rice and pork two ways. Michael did a science project with the kids and we just enjoyed being together. It was a nice day.

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cheris said...

I'm glad you could come! Sorry the last bit was hard. You guys had a LONG day. ;)