Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paris Continued

Paris got better. On our second day we had a leisurely breakfast and then I spent an hour in a Parisian laundromat while Michael and the boys watched the third star wars movie.
After all of that, we met up with Mom and Dad and took the metro to the Montemartre. We took the funicular up to the Sacre Coeur and had lunch and then walked through all the artists.
We slowly made our way down the hill through the gift shops and back to the metro to our hotel. We showered and changed and then walked to the Champs Mar and the Park at the Eiffel tower where the kids played on the playground and we watched a demonstration.
Then we made our way to the Rue Cler for dinner.
For our final day of Paris we woke early, breakfasted and changed hotels. Our new hotel was a big room and we it was close which was good since we had to walk there as no cabs were to be had.
Once the move was complete, we met mom and dad and took the metro to the Louvre. We finally found a short line through the carousel mall and made our way to the Medieval Louvre exhibit and the Egyptian Artifacts Hall. There were so many people! And it was so crowded and big! And I felt like cattle. I have decided that I don't love big tourist attractions. Especially crowded museum-like ones and even more especially with two small children.
We busted out of there and headed for lunch. We were starving. We found an amazing restaurant by luck called Lu Roc which was fabulous. It was the best food we had in Paris. I had beautiful salmon and salad and french fries and harticot verts. And we had two bottles of French chardonnay. It definitely improved our mood.
When we had finished eating, we strolled out into the Tuilleries. We rode the Paris Ferris wheel and let the kids do lots of carnival rides. I did a hilarious fun house with them and they fell in love with bumper cars. We shared a nutella/banana crepe and then walked some more. We ended up in our room for a happy hour where we shared a bottle of wine we got in Italy. Then we cleaned up and went back to Rue Cler for our final Parisian dinner. After a palate cleanser of gelato we hugged and kissed and went back to our hotels for our last night.
We woke early this morning and caught a taxi by 7:30AM. We traveled and traveled. Our flight was hard since Air France is striking and we got a crappy plane with not good seats. We finally got home around 7PM which is 2AM for us. Davis had not slept at all and Sam had only slept for about an hour and a half. They went right down.
It's 8 now and I'm about to follow them. My hands are shaking I'm so tired. I'll get the pictures up tomorrow and recap the whole thing. XO, and welcome me home, Amber

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