Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm keeping my parents' goddaughter this week from 8-5 while her mom works. I have known this beautiful girl since she was eight months old and have kept her lots of times. There was an extended period of time I kept her when she was 18 months. She is eleven now and is sweet as sweet can be. It is a joy to spend time with her (though she never stops talking!), and she is helpful besides. Today we did kid yoga, cooked together, she read starwars to Sam, held his hand across streets, played pretend, cleaned everything up, ate everything I put in front of her and hugged me when it was time to go and begged to stay. Tomorrow we're going to the library where she's promised to let me introduce her to Little House on the Prairie.
Sweet, sweet girl.

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Martha said...

You are so dear--and Lilianna will always remember you and this special time together