Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Lounge

We have continued moving furniture around and changing up the house. We decided to change our dining room into a "lounge". We'll watch TV in there and then we can make the focal point of our living room our fireplace instead of the television.
Earlier this week, my parents gave us their couch and two chaise lounges that I have been coveting for a long time. Michael and I were so grateful and thrilled. When we got the furniture in our house and arranged, we realized we needed to paint the new "lounge". Michael was not thrilled about it, but we bit the bullet and painted it this weekend. The kids "helped" and that was harrowing for a while, but we got through it and they even gave themselves a bath and put on their jammies all on their own after they painted. That was a miracle in itself.
We think the room looks fabulous! I am thrilled with the deep "purple twilight" color and think it looks great with the berry colored chaise lounges. Berry, purple and white were my wedding colors and I love them so. The paintings look good in there and now we have a color theme through the house. Check it out.

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Martha said...

can't wait to see all this beauty in person. Martha