Monday, August 8, 2011


Michael got a phone call this morning at 8AM from his official boss. This is the person who approves his expense reports but hasn't spoken to Michael in months. Michael actually works for his active boss who isn't really his boss on paper. This is a bit confusing I know, but work with me on this.
The official boss was calling to let Michael know that his position has been terminated. 13.5 years with his company and he had no idea it was coming. He got severance and we keep our benefits for a few weeks. He should come into the office and pack up his stuff and turn in his computer. We were all in shock. We're still in shock.
Michael's active boss was in shock. Michael is totally indispensable to him. He cannot do his job without him. He had no idea it was coming. We think the official boss had no idea what Michael was really doing and when he had to make budget cuts he saw Michael as easy cut. He did say it was not performance related.
Michael's old boss called and said he would try to create a position for Michael in his old job. Michael went up for a meeting this afternoon with him and we shall see...
In the meantime I am sick to my stomach. Both Michael and I were shaking and felt as though we had a permanent lump in our throats. We are trying to stay positive and not get sucked down into the anger right now, though the anger is present. How could they be so ignorant of Michael's worth?
He really loved his position. We all loved it. It was long, long hours, but they were so often at home. We have loved having him work from home. It has made our life so much better to have him here.
Right now we have plan A, plan B, and Plan C already in the works.
But really we are just in shock. Time is moving super fast, but every minute is painful. I want to cry, but it wouldn't help and it would only upset Sam. Sam already knew we were upset this morning though we thought we had totally hidden it. He drew a picture of sad Daddy and then gave me a picture covered with hearts.
Michael is doing great. I know he is very shaken, but he is handling this in such a calm, mature, rational way. I love him so much and I am so proud of him. I have so much faith in his ability with his job and I am very sure that he will land on his feet. We will be okay. But it's such a crazy feeling when the rug is pulled out from under you so abruptly and with so little warning.
UPDATE: His old boss did manage to halt the termination and hire him back to his old job as consultant. He is really lucky to have such good relationships in his office and such a great former/current boss. I'm glad for him, and grateful, but also disappointed because it means we are back to the long commute (he'll be back in the north Austin office (near round rock, starting next year.)) and will be back to lots and lots of travel. I am totally emotionally exhausted by this day. I need a cocktail.


Heather said...

Oh my god, this is horrible. Of course you are both reeling. And no wonder you are sick to your stomach. Sending big, big hugs to both of you.

cheris said...

Effin hell...