Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hair Cut

Hey I cut my hair! I haven't cut it since April and I really needed a trim. It was getting long, down to the bottom of my bra strap if I pulled it straight. I asked Michael if I should cut it and he said, "Yeah, cut it short, make a change!". So I did.
I went in with a few pictures. I told her to cut it all off to about my chin. She did.
I also told her to leave my bangs long- chin length. She didn't. She did some cutting and then said, "oops!". She accidentally cut off the bangs.
It's okay though. I actually like it. What I like best is that I can get out of the shower, let it air dry and go. That's what I did this morning and this is what I looked like. I think if I add some gel or mouse or something it might be a bit better. And also I was tired of wearing it in a pony tail. I don't know if I totally love the way it looks, but I LOVE the way it feels. I'm going for sassy and sexy, not mom-like and I'm not 100% sure which this hair cut is. Maybe I should die it red...