Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hyatt Live Oak Getaway

We had a little San Antonio Getaway this weekend. A month or so ago, Hyatt asked us if we would like to stay at a very discounted rate at their Vacation Club in San Antonio. We had to agree to a 90 minute presentation, but the price was so great, we said yes.
We drove down Friday as soon as we picked up the boys from school. We had a beautiful one bedroom suite and a huge jacuzzi tub that boys were immediately in love with.
We explored the grounds, played at the playground and then had dinner. There were no vegan options, (or vegetarian!) but I made do with sides and then we went up to our room where the boys took a very long bubble bath (Sam was heard yelling that we should do this every weekend!) and then took a very long time going to bed. The 8 oclock outdoor movie was very loud and kept the boys awake. Michael and I hid in our bedroom with a bottle of wine though so it really wasn't so bad.
Saturday morning we hit the pool. It was great and there weren't very many people at all. We all did the water slide and I bet Davis did at least twenty times. Sam loved the water cannon and I enjoyed reading my kindle at the side of the pool and wading in the "beach" area. After a bit we went to the lazy river and did several rounds on that. I enjoyed that a lot, but the boys seemed to think it was a race course and after a while that took the "lazy" right out of it. We pulled in our tubes and parked our selves on the sandy beach which was filled with kids creating all sorts of sand sculptures. The kids made friends immediately and Michael and I hit the bar.
We ate lunch again at the ONE restaurant they have there (again no vegetarian options) and so I had a liquid lunch. We dropped the kids off at the kids club, took a nap and then went to our vacation club presentation.
We were tempted to buy in, but felt very pressured and so we didn't. We went back to our room where we drank more wine, I made us a nice dinner and the kids had another epic bubble bath. They went to bed early that night and Michael and I got to watch a movie in bed. Perfect.
This morning we breakfasted in our room and took the kids to the playground. Then we packed up and headed five minutes up the road to Sea World. We have season passes and this was the best weekend we've been there yet. There were no crowds and the morning we was mild. We hit the Shamu rollercoaster a couple of times and then did the carousel. After that we went to the Sesame Street 4D movie and then strolled into the Sea Lion comedy show. Sam was decidedly unhappy at this point because we wouldn't buy him a plastic sword from the gift shop, so we stopped for lunch at Rosita's. They made me my own vegan pizza and we had a surprisingly nice lunch. It also improved Sam's mood so we felt ready to venture on. Davis wanted to ride the "journey to Atlantis" ride so we all walked over there (again, no line!) and we gave it a try. Davis loved it and Sam was absolutely terrified. He told me all about it while Davis and Michael rode it again. We were just in time to walk over to the Azul Beluga Whale show so we got great seats and enjoyed the show. Sam melted down again on our way out over the plastic sword so we packed it up and drove home. We really enjoyed our day there.
Overall the weekend was good, but not great. We love Hyatt Lost Pines and Hyatt Hill Country, but we felt that the Live Oak was missing in activities and amenities. Still, the price was right and the kids absolutely loved it.

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