Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick Port A Weekend

Last week I sat Michael down and asked him to play "calendar" with me. We had lots of invitations and fun events we wanted to go to and we had to sit down and see how they all fit on the calendar. We did it and quickly managed to fill up our entire fall. In doing this I realized that we only had one or two weekends until Thanksgiving where we could get away for the weekend and one of them was this weekend. I have been missing the beach so much and so I asked Michael and the boys if they wanted to leave Friday for Port Aransas and come back on Sunday.
We all thought that was a grand idea and so on Friday we implemented our plan. It was just our little family of four, but we had a great idea. We got in late (but enjoyed the new ferry in the dark!)and the boys went right down and Michael and I went down soon after. Saturday morning we ate breakfast and lounged about and then went into town where we rented bikes and went on our first ever all-four-of-us-on-our-bikes bike ride around town. Sam did extremely well and we were super proud of him. After an hour long ride, we turned in our bikes and went to lunch at Shell's. We love that place despite the fact that several years we encountered a rat during dinner. we had boycotted it for years, but we decided to forgive them the rat and have lunch there again. We were so glad we did! The food is absolutely amazing. Michael and I split two entrees, the tuna sandwich on homemade focacia and key lime aioli and the blackened rare tuna tacos and the boys split and huge bowl of pasta with pesto. We also had a nice waitress and a glass of pinot grigio which was just what the doctor ordered.
After lunch we had siesta time where we all read and then we put on our swimsuits and headed for the beach. The kids boogie boarded and we all worked together to build a castle. Davis and I went for a long walk on the beach and we enjoyed the nice breeze.
I made dinner of shrimp tacos and beans and guacamole and we feasted. The kids went to bed early and Michael and I cuddled on the couch and watched Game of Thrones on his laptop.
This morning the boys went back to the beach while I cleaned the condo and then we drove into Corpus Christi for lunch and the Executive Beach Club. We enjoyed the food, but noticed the table next to us found a bug in theirs. Still the atmosphere was nice. You go at your own risk, I guess.
And now we're home. We are so lucky to have Port A as home away from home and we love it there so much.

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cwalter said...

Glad you guys had a fun weekend. Love, Grandpa