Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Coral Snake

This afternoon I was sitting at my grandparents' house visiting with my Aunt Char, Uncle Mike and Uncle Larry. I stood up after a while and walked to the front door. Through the screen door I saw a coral snake slithering it's way up the sidewalk. I started saying, "coral snake!" in an odd, high pitch over and over again. Everyone gathered around the screen door looking out. Apparently our voices were a bit too loud and the snake turned and scooted it's way under the piece of wood dividing two sections of side walk. Uncle Larry had wisely gone around the back of the house and picked up a piece of rebar. He came around the house and Gramp pulled up the wood. Uncle Larry whacked it in the head. The snake continued to thrash around wildly though his head was smashed. Uncle Mike stepped on it's tail and Uncle Larry whacked it again. Then he picked it up and threw it in a bucket. It was all very exciting. My heart sure was pounding. Then we all sat around on the front porch and talked about it and everyone made fun of the way I sounded the coral snake alarm. Here's a picture of it in the bucket. It was still writhing around after 20 minutes in the bucket. Shudder.

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