Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg

We drove up to Fredericksburg on Saturday morning so we could attend Oktoberfest. The drive is just a little over an hour and is very nice. Even when it's brown and drought ravaged, the Devil's Backbone is an inspiring sight and the whole drive was lovely.
The weather was gorgeous! It was only in the 80's and the sun was shining. When we got there we headed straight for the kids area. Davis and Sam played plinko, whack a rat, toss a chicken and many more games. They earned tokens and redeemed those tokens for toys. They did very well and got some cars that made them happy. Michael and I deemed it beer thirty at that point and I made the decision to ignore my food allergies and do an Oktoberfest beer tasting. I think the fact that I never ever drink beer any more made the beers I had at the festival even better, because they were fabulous!
We listened to some polkas and drank our beers while the kids played on the adjacent playground. Then we went to find some lunch. We had red beans and rice and hit another beer stand. It was yummy. After lunch we wandered through the crafts tents and made our way to another stage. We found a nice shaded patch of grass and made ourselves comfortable with a third kind of Oktoberfest brew. Michael and I relaxed and really enjoyed the music and some great potato fries and the kids watched movies on our iphones.
Eventually we had to pack it up and head home because Michael had a Pappy Hour rehearsal that evening but it was super fun. Next up, wurst fest in New Braunfels!

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