Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainy Weekend

We had a rainy weekend. I know. We could hardly believe it either. We are still in a drought, but the rain was fantastic.
I went for a run first thing in the morning and then Michael and I spent the rest of Saturday morning working in the front beds. Michael used the tractor to pull out five or six dead bushes and I did a ton of pruning and weeding and the kids trimmed back my basil and mint plants. Right as we finished it started pouring down rain.
We ran inside and cleaned up and by the time we were pretty, it had stopped raining again. We decided to go over to my parent's house and have a little visit. We did some karaoke there and visited with my grandparents. Then we came home and got ready for our dinner date. Michael and I attended a vegan supper club in Austin and really enjoyed it. The food was great and we met several nice people.
Sunday was supposed to be the Tough Mudder which is something Michael has been training for the last few months. Around 4:30AM we woke up to booming thunder. It was raining and storming outside. It continued to pour down rain all morning and they cancelled the Mudder. Michael was pretty disappointed. They offered to let him sign up for another one in January, so he will probably do that one.
His friend A.J. had driven down to our house so we could carpool so we ended up just spending a lazy day around the ranch. In the morning we listened to the rain and watched Tough Mudder videos on YouTube. We had a boozy lunch at Los Cucos with my parents' and then we all went over to their house. The guys watched football, my dad played outside with the kids and Mom and I sat on the porch swing and chatted. After a while Mom and I snuck off to the outlet mall and Dad snuck off to have a cigar. It was a very relaxing afternoon and my very favorite kind of weather: cool, rainy and gray.

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