Monday, April 9, 2012

More Easter in Taos

We didn't end up going to the sledding event instead we enjoyed the perfect weather and let the kids play. We had a wonderful patio lunch at The Gorge and then we wandered around the plaza and bought a hula hoop for the Taos house. the kids all spent the afternoon playing in the yard, dying eggs, blowing bubbles and doing practice easter egg hunts with empty plastic eggs. Davis and Cruz are inseparable. I made the awesome black bean soup from the Graham's Grill cook book and Marcie made a big salad for dinner. We dyed more eggs after the kids went to sleep and stuffed eggs and Michael and Ann went outside to hide them.
I woke up at six to catchnAndres sneaking out to see what the Easrer bunny had brought. I put him back to bed and then went outside in the below freezing temps to hide the hard boiled eggs and fill the easter nest. The kids got up a half hour later and tore into their Easter baskets. They were all pleased. We assigned the kids each their own color for the hunt and they all ran outside to find thei colors and help each other. It was awesome and there was no fighting.
The grown ups all followed the kids around, then drank champagne and got ready for brunch. We ate at ten at Graham's Grille. We had a great table right in front of the kitchen and I loved watching the pass. The food was delicious. We had blue cornmeal fried calamari and then I had sautéed spring vegetables with tofu and black beans and a cherry lavender sorbet for dessert.
The weather was perfect when we got home. Low seventies in the sun and upper fifties in the shade. We built a fire on the porch with piñon wood and drank wine and laughed and told stories and played things in the yard and on the patio all afternoon. We ordered pizza for dinner and all went to bed early. It was a perfect Easter day for all of us.
Marcie and Ann and the boys left this morning. The kids were sad, so we distracted them by driving up to the ski valley with mom and dad and letting them throw a few snowballs. We wanted to eat lunch at the Stray Dog, but everything was closed so we drove down to arroyo seco and had lunch at the Taos Cow where they have gourmet sandwiches and famous ice cream. We shopped and explored around Arroyo Secco and then drove back to the house with a quick stop at the Old Blinking Light liquor store for wine.
We are all relaxing this afternoon and have no plans. We leave tomorrow morning and will frantically get some things done before my surgery on Thursday. We will be sad to leave. It has been a wonderful vacation. We love Taos so much.

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