Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Bed Rest Thoughts

1. Dilaudid is a great drug. If you are having the worst pain of your life, ask for it. It's way better than morphine. I miss it.
2. I'm afraid that the first sign of menopause that I'm experiencing is a lack of control over my emotions.
3.There are a lot of things my husband can do when I just let him.
4. A common side effect of having an IV is that your wrist will swell up to twice it's size and be hot and painful.
5. When you wear your pajamas all day, people don't ask you to do things.
6. Sitting in bed all day while on drugs is a dangerous time to look at travel sites online.
7. My mom is a saint. She cut her vacation short to come home and help out. She kept the boys the night she got back. She had unexpected guests come the next day to stay in her house for the weekend while she took care of me, my dad, my grandparents (who had just let their caregiver go) and threw a birthday party for her god daughter. She remembered to call and check on me during the party. She has come over every day and done my laundry. She is a saint and I love her more than anything.
8. I miss cooking, but I am feeling a lot of love from my friends who are feeding me and my family.
9. My whole abdomen is swollen like I'm in my second trimester. I hope this goes down soon.
10. Lying around reading all day is a lot more fun when you're not in pain. And if you're at a beach. With a cocktail.

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