Friday, May 25, 2012

Davis Graduates Montessori

Davis had his graduation ceremony from Montessori school on Wednesday, yesterday we had the end of the year school picnic, and today is the last day of school for the year.
I am so glad that Davis got four years with our Montessori School. I think that choosing a montessori education for our children was a great choice for us. It has been expensive and I have had my doubts on occasion, but the education foundation that Davis has gotten has been incredible.
I have loved the small class size, the historic home where the school is housed and the fantastic hands-on materials, the program and the way they learn. The kids have thrived and enjoyed exploring the materials and living the day in a meaningful, joyful routine. I have loved how they have a job each week and sweep up and do dishes and take on responsibilities. Davis has made some wonderful friendships at his school and learned lessons at this school that serve him his whole life long. This year he has embraced a mentorship role in his school and has loved being the eldest and helping the youngest with anything they need.
Next year he moves on. There is no elementary level montessori school in town. We don't know for sure where he will be. We've applied for a transfer to a good public school in our town. Hopefully they'll have a place in their second grade class. Otherwise I don't know what we'll do. Since we won't find out until the week before school starts, I need to start working on a back up plan.
Sam will stay in Montessori for another year. It will be good for him to be the eldest for a change and to be at a school without his big brother. They have each had their own circle of friends this year and not played so much together at school, so I think it will be an easy and positive transition for him. Because we started him at school early with his November birthday, he will finish next year with 3.5 years at montessori. We want to make sure both boys get a solid montessori foundation and we think another year will do that for Sam.
We have loved our school and our teachers there. When the kids all held hands at the park yesterday and sang of their friendships and love for each other, I shed a tear or two. It's been a wonderful time for Davis and I look forward to the next chapter in his school life.

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