Monday, May 14, 2012


Positivity is our new motto. My sister got us some bracelets with the motto and I ordered more today. Here's why.
My dad was recently accepted into a study for a new way to fight Alzheimer's. When the doctors in the study looked at his latest MRI, they decided that he had Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. They kicked him out of the study and sent us to a Neurosurgeon. Dad went to see the doctor and learned more about the disease and his prognosis.
This disease has three main symptoms and dementia is one of them. The best thing about this disease is that is it treatable.
His doctors are saying that he has both Alzheimer's and NPH, but we aren't so sure. We are hoping that maybe they are wrong and that he only has NPH. After all, Alzheimer's can't be totally confirmed until autopsy.
The way to treat NPH is by placing a shunt in the brain and draining fluid. My dad is going to have the surgery to place the shunt on June 5th. I would like to ask you to think positively about this surgery. Send him all the prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes that you can. The doctors have told us that he has a zero to ninety-five percent chance of it helping. We want you to think about that 95% chance for us. It could take up to a year for us to see any results, if there are going to be any, if the surgery goes well. That's a lot of ifs, but we are going to think about only the good results that might happen. We believe in the power of good thoughts. Please help make a lot of that power and aim it my dad would you? I love him so much.


Rob L. said...

Consider yourselves bombarded with my positive thoughts and well-wishes.

AECH said...

You got it. xoxo

Marcie said...

We will pray daily and project focused positivity as well. Your father has always been a "lucky" man and it is through good karma and love.