Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday we had the hottest, coolest time in Texas. We went to Schlitterbahn. We got season passes for Christmas from Michael's parents and we were so excited to use them. The boys had never been and Michael had only gone once when he was a teenager.
Stacey dropped Lilliana off in the morning and after my four mile run I quickly showered and packed us a big picnic of veggie burgers, veggie hot dog wraps, berries, hummus and lentil chips. We lathered ourselves in sunscreen and hopped in the car. We got there about ten minutes before it opened. After scoring a great parking place, we ran into the original side, got ourselves a locker and dropped off our towels, sunscreen and wallet. Then we took the tram over to the new side and got in line for the big water coasters. The line ended up being long (90 minutes), so we switched over to another line and had a great time on a major water slide.
We then spent the morning doing lots of fun water play on the new side. My favorite ride was the Dragon's Lair. Sam did great and managed to do every ride that we did that morning. I was so impressed with him. Lilliana and Davis were a team and did everything together. Nobody complained about lines and we all had so much fun.
We went back to the old park for lunch and Michael ran out to the car to get our cooler. We had a lovely picnic and then we reapplied sunscreen. Then we stayed on the old side and did some fun water slides. Sam got thrown around pretty badly on a water slide, but rallied and we kept on. Around three in the afternoon, Sam and I retired to the pollywog pond which he LOVED and Michael took Davis and Lilliana to do a couple more big water slides.
I was exhausted by this point so we headed home. Lilliana was disappointed to leave and gave us a bit of a preteen sulk, but we put her in the backseat and ignored it. We came home and I did three loads of laundry and cooked supper with my veggies that Hank brought by. By the time we got the kids down I fell on the chaise lounge and never rallied again.
It was a wonderful day. We all LOVE Schlitterbahn. We are thrilled we have season passes and plan to use the heck out of them this summer.

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