Saturday, May 19, 2012

SMMS Scholarship Fundraiser

I'm the chair of the fundraising committee at the montessori school and today was our big fundraiser. We did a silent auction at the Texas Swing Festival. It was so much work. So. much. work. I've spent all year working on this, but the last two months have been crazy. I got there at 8AM this morning and got home at 5:45PM. It's the longest I've been on my feet since the surgery.
It turned out great! Our auction packages were good and the committee I worked with all worked hard did a great job. Michael helped out by face painting for a couple of hours and Davis went around telling people to come check out our auction. A couple of our good friends came by and it meant so much. The kids had a blast running around the festival with their friends. The festival is wonderful and the weather was perfect. And I bought a great package with 24 passes to our favorite summer hangout the Jumpy Place. We made a lot of money and our take from the whole year's worth of fundraising is our best ever. All the money goes to the scholarship fund. I love that we are going to be able to help so many families.
But best thing is, it's over! I took a shower and now I'm going to have a BIG cocktail. So glad I have the summer to rest and relax until we start again in the fall.

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