Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Day Routine

The last couple of days the boys and I have been trying to find a summer routine. With no school and most of our lessons cancelled for the summer, we are left with lots of free time. Yet somehow we have still been so busy. Most days this summer I'll be working and the boys have some camps they'll be doing, but we still need to find our new summer rhythm.
Today over breakfast, we talked about what needed to happen today and then I made a list and taped it the wall where the kids could see it. After we finished each item on our list they would run over and check it off the list. It really helped with transitions and cut down on the whining. Today's list looked like this:
Breakfast (eggs and grits)
Outside Play (they need to do this early 'cause it's already so hot.)
Visit Mimi and Paw Paw
Grocery Store
Homework (they have workbooks I bought them for the summer)
Lunch (tofu scramble with mushrooms and zucchini and toast)
Canning (we made garlic and ginger pickles)
Play in inflatable pool in yard
Quiet Reading Time
Practice Piano
Dinner (Pan-roasted Tempeh and summer veg with charmoula, served with rice and cucumber salad).
It has all gone pretty well and I managed to research summer camps, do a load of laundry and read my book group book while all that was going on. My favorite part of the day has been quiet reading time. Sam's whole world has opened up since he became proficient at reading. We went to the library yesterday and he picked out all kinds of books. And Davis is totally addicted. He told me yesterday that his favorite part of summer is that he can read all day.
And now it's time to finish prepping supper and maybe pour a glass of wine. I like summer, but I'm also glad I have vacations and camps on the horizon. The summer routine takes lots of energy!

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