Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We had a lovely Father's Day weekend. Yesterday we cleaned and went to lunch and I cooked all day. We had an impromptu dinner party for twelve. I made an Italian dinner with a caprese salad, homemade almond basil pesto in hot buttered arborio rice, an antipasto platter of roasted eggplant and pan sautéed zucchini coins, and bruschetta with a rosemary garlic white bean topping. For dessert we had store bought angel food cake with strawberries and Blue bell vanilla ice cream. I don't bake. It was fun to do.
This morning we rose early and I made breakfast and then Michael opened his presents. He got a frisbee game called Kan Jam and a video game. Then Michael and the boys played outside and took a quick trip to Lowes. I made homemade Nutella gelato and a southwestern pasta salad to take over to mom and dad's for a potluck lunch.
Around 11:30 we drove over to Casa Pacifica and spent our afternoon there. We had a gorgeous lunch and then spent two hours in the pool. Dad and Gramp opened presents and the boys and Kade played with Michael and all my Davis cousins joined in. It was great to spend time with my sister and cousins and we all had a good time.
We came home and read for a bit and just called Grandpa in Sugar Land and had a nice chat. We'll have dinner soon and then Michael has a father's day date with his X-Box.
We are really blessed to have so many wonderful fathers in our lives. We are also so blessed that we are so close to all of them, in both space and relationship. Love you guys. Happy Father's Day!

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