Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home from the Hospital

On Wednesday evening, Michael was released from the hospital. We were so happy to have hime home.
Thursday was insane. I realized after I picked up Michael from the hospital that I have an infection as well, so I'm pretty wiped, but I'm on antibiotics so I'm getting better. I threw down the "my husband's been in the hospital with mrsa" card and got a doctor appt first thing Thursday morning even though they didn't have any open appointment times.. I took the kids to the dentist shortly after and then took Michael to wound care in the afternoon.
Friday Michael was feeling much better and was trying to do too much. He was not listening to me and he was not taking it easy enough. He worked all day.
Davis is finally feeling safe enough to really let us have it after feeling stressed all week. He's throwing tantrums and being defiant etc. Mom and Dad left for Taos first thing on Friday after postponing their trip, but Marcie and Ann are here and are really helping out with the boys.
At Michael's appt with wound care Thursday they changed his dressing and said he didn't need to come back till Monday. This is good news, but so different from what they said in the hospital that I've left a message with his hospital surgeon to double check. We did our own wound change last night and went well, but it makes me very nervous that they are trusting us to do this at home.
I think we might be able to go the beach for the fourth like we planned if his Monday wound care visit goes well, but Michael will have to ride in the back with his foot up and plan to stay in the condo (which we'll have to ourselves) most of the time. We asked about driving to Houston this weekend and were told no way. It's too soon and too much, which we knew, but was still a bummer. We also won't be able to drive to Taos next month as planned (too long in the car with his foot down) so I bought us some crappy, but relatively affordable tickets last night to fly.
Good news is, Michael's family is coming down for the afternoon tomorrow so we will get to see my nephews, brother and sister-in-law for the first time in two years. We are really excited.
All in all, I think we are doing okay. Just trying to keep it really calm and quiet here for Michael and discourage him from trying to get up and participate and we are trying to get back into a routine for the boys' sake. It feels good for all of us to have Michael home, though I am tearing out my hair with frustration and worry as Michael continues to feel that he is completely healed. Yesterday was day 11 of working this house as a single parent, but I've got Michael playing UNO with the kids now so maybe things will get a bit easier around here. I slept ten hours night before last and felt better for it and even ventured out for a long walk/short run this morning and that made me feel better too.

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