Sunday, June 24, 2012

Michael is in the Hospital

Michael got admitted to the hospital today.  Friday afternoon we heard from the surgeon that they didn't take our insurance and sent us to the Seton ER. They treated it and gave us a new more powerful antibiotic.  We came back this morning to the ER to have the packing removed.  The leg was much worse instead of better and the culture came back as MRSA staph.  This is an antibiotic resistant infection.  They immediately admitted him and put him on an IV antibiotic that they said works well on this strain of staph.
They also are giving him morphine for the pain every four hours.  
They said he should be here for a while.  He could possibly get out by Tuesday, but could be here till Thusday.  This stuff is bad.  We are trying to stay positive and deal with this day by day.
The good news is that the morphine is working great for him.  His pain is gone and he is relaxed, and feeling okay. The other good news is that the doctors are all optimistic that they can treat this and that he will be alright.  They say it's important that we are here, but they do think they can treat it.

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