Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Soccer and Sick

My boys have soccer camp this week. They have been so excited. Sam, in particular, has been wanting to take soccer for two years. I promised them that this year they could go to soccer camp and I booked a week at the Kat Conner academy here at Texas State as soon as I could. I took the list to Academy and wandered around blindly until I could figure out what shin guards and soccer socks were and where to find them. I bought them soccer balls and texted my sister to find out whether shin guards went on top of socks or underneath.
Yesterday we dressed them in the soccer outfits, slathered them with sunscreen and delivered them to camp bright and early in the morning. I cannot tell you the level of excitement in my boys.
Michael picked them up at noon and took them home. He put them in front of a movie and handed out lunch and went back to work. When I got home from work around 12:30, Michael told me that Sam hated camp and wouldn't eat his lunch. He also told me that the teacher said he pooped out after a half an hour. I went in there to check on him and realized he felt warm. I worried about heat exhaustion and gave him some ice water. In a half an hour Sam came out of the movie room, put on his pajamas and went to bed. This was odd behavior and so I took his temperature. It was 101. My poor sweet baby was sick and I had just subjected him to four hours of soccer camp in 100 degree weather. No wonder he "pooped out"!
He slept all afternoon, rallied a bit in the evening and put himself back to bed at 6:45. The fever can be kept down with motrin, but he woke up with 99.9 this morning and it's been going up since. He's in pretty good spirits and mostly wants to rest. He's glad he doesn't have to go to soccer today, but I know that once he feels better he is going to be so disappointed that he missed soccer camp. I hate the sick. And so now I will spend the day at home with my little boy and try to keep him cool and happy. I'm missing work again which is driving me crazy, because I miss work and I want to be helpful over there and earn my keep, but I don't want to pass on any germs that way at all. Stupid germs. Think healthy, cool, back-to-soccer-playing thoughts our way please.


Azini Photography said...

Sam and Davis are getting older wow! Time flies doesnt it Amber. I was in a little shop in New Braunfels and saw a card...are you doing photography now? I am in need of a couple of second shooters. Are you interested?

cheris said...

Awww... poor Sammy. I mean, Sam. I hope it doesn't spread!