Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July at the Beach

We are in Port A. Michael's doctor approved our beach trip at his wound care appt on Monday. W drove in on Tuesday around four. Marcie and Ann and the kids settled into 101 and we threw our bags in the condo and then we all headed for the pool. Davis and Sam are such strong swimmers now that it's easy to take them down to the pool.
Yesterday I went for a run and then we set up the EZ up and played on the beach all morning. It was a lot of work to watch both boys boogie boarding in the strong current. Michael can't go down to the beach and Marcie and Ann have their hands full with their three so there was no reading or drinking for me down there. The kids had a great time though and Sam I made a huge sand castle.
We came up for lunch and then went down to the pool for about an hour and a half. I was done after that, so we came up, cleaned up and put on a movie for the boys while I prepped dinner. Marcie and fam came up for dinner and we all ate together and let the boys play together. Then we put the boys down and stayed up watching True Blood.
We had thought about taking the boys to town for the fireworks, but they had stayed up so late the night before fighting bed time and were so grumpy and awful, that we didn't want to take them.
This trip has not been as fun as usual, though it is always awesome to spend time with Marcie and Ann. Michael is miserable because he can't drink or go to the beach (alcohol interferes with his antibiotics) and the boys have been awful, Sam especially. They've been fighting non stop and when we reprimand Sam, he threatens to physically hurt us, tells us we are trash, he hates us, we hate him, he'll never speak to us again etc. then he hits, kicks, and slams the doors. Yesterday he dumped out a bottle of sunscreen during a fit and threatened to break his glasses. We are doing our best parenting and trying to follow all the books, but so far his behavior is still awful. I am hoping this is a phase and that he will get over it soon. I miss my sweet easy going Sam.
This morning the kids refuse to go the beach. They say it's too sandy.
We plan to take them to town, buy some fish from the market, hit the souvenirs shop and candy store and maybe have lunch out. Then maybe the pool this afternoon. If today is as hard as yesterday, we may cut our beach trip short. Isn't that the saddest sentence ever? I deeply love the beach and was so looking forward to this vacation, but the beach without Michael is a sad beach indeed.
I don't know. I'm trying to get out of this funk. It's just wrong to complain while on vacation so I'll stop now. I'm off to go have a great day.

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