Monday, July 9, 2012

Things are Better

Things are better around here. The beach got better. Sam apparently was just having a no-good, terrible day, because his behavior was much improved after Wednesday, though both boys are still bickering a lot. We had a nice day at the beach on Friday and I spent the late afternoon surfing travel while Michael played with the boys in the condo. So the beach trip was saved, but still did not rate as awesome. We decided to pack it up and leave early and were out of there by 9AM on Saturday morning. We got home by noon, had lunch and relaxed awhile before having a pool party in the late afternoon with Stacey and Chris and kids. We hadn't seen our friends in a long time and it was nice to get to spend that time with them. Michael sat under the palapa bar fan, and seemed to have a good time despite the fact that he can't swim.
Sunday we went to church, spent time at the pool with Marcie and Ann and the boys and had a family movie night. It was good to be home and be normal.
Today the kids are at the Baptist Church camp and Michael is back at work. I feel like things are finally normal again. The first part of this summer was so hard and messed up this year between various surgeries, hospitals, sicknesses, odd schedules, and wanky hormones. I'm ready to start over.
Today is the first day of the rest of the summer and I am looking forward to it. The kids have fun camps planned and I'm going to do some canning and reading and travel daydreaming. We are leaving in less than two weeks for Taos to spend a week with some of our best friends and I am really excited about it. Marcie and Ann plan to come down too and are working on getting us a sitter while we are there. Michael's leg is healing very well. It should be healed in about six weeks. While it is very disappointing that he can't run, or swim or use his Schlitterbahn season pass for the rest of the summer, there are lots of other fun things we can do as a family and we will make it work.
By the way, I know that we are so lucky to have good hospitals, insurance, medication, jobs, healthy children, beautiful homes, vacation opportunities and families that love us and whom we love in return. That is what I should focus on. I am grateful and blessed.
To a fun, healthy rest of the summer - Cheers!

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