Monday, August 20, 2012

Being Social and Antone's Home of the Blues Screening

We had a great weekend. On Friday we had a pool party and mom and I made yummy grilled vegetables and we got to spend time with friends and Michael came home! He had been in Dallas all week and I was so glad to see him.
Saturday I grocery shopped and cooked and Michael cleaned and did home repair. It was nice to be busy and domestic. That evening we had dinner for our friends Anne and Jeff and their kids who had been out of town all summer. We had missed them so much and were glad to have them over for a welcome back afternoon. My parents came over as well and brought delicious wine. I made two different kinds of bruschetta, spaghetti trapani and served angel food cake with strawberries. Anne is the goddess of salads and brought a delicious one to add to the mix. Perfect.
Sunday we went to church and out to lunch with Stacey and Chris and their kids and then Michael went to a cub scout meeting while the boys and I relaxed. Then we all watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and popped popcorn for a lazy afternoon. The kids loved the movie and we did too. Then our sitter Anna came over and Michael and I picked up mom and dad and drove up to the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. We had tickets to see a screening of my dad's documentery, Antone's Home of the Blues. They showed it in the Spirit Theater to a packed house. It was so good to see it again and it really is a great movie. I'm so proud of my dad for making it. After the show we grabbed a glass of wine and got ready for a blues show. The band was W.C. Clark, Derek O'Brien, Sarah Brown, Malford Milligan and more that I can't' remember, but all awesome. We heard some great music last night. Derek is such an amazing guitarist. It was a great date.
Michael is back in Dallas for the week and I miss him already, but I'll have fun here car shopping and vacation planning and hanging out with my dad. I wish I had taken pictures all weekend, but I totally dropped the ball and never pulled out the camera. I did take pictures of W.C. Clark and band last night with my iPhone so that will have to do.

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AECH said...

Dinner was delicious and such fun. It's good to be home. Thank you! XO