Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet the Teacher, Wizard of Oz, Michael and Kade's Birthdays

We have had a whirlwind weekend. Michael drove home from Dallas on Thursday just in time for us all to drive to Davis' new school and meet the teacher. It was very exciting for all of us. I really like the teacher and realized we knew each other from high school. Small town. Davis is pleased with the school and so is Michael.
Friday afternoon was the big performance of Wizard of Oz that the kids have been preparing for in their two weeks of theatre camp. Michael's parents drove in from Sugar Land and by 3:15pm, Mom, Dad, Michael, Martha and Clark and I were all waiting in the lobby for the show to begin at 4. The show was very sweet. It was full of 6 and 7 year old children. You couldn't hear much, but we all knew the show and the children were absolutely precious all of them. I was very proud of both my Toto and Tin Man.
After the show, we all drove to Wimberley to have dinner at Kate's Place and celebrate the boys and Michael. We sat outside so we could hear our friend Doug Fesler play guitar. The food was great and Michael opened his birthday presents and loved them all including the new fancy camera we bought him.
Saturday we lazed around the house with Martha and Clark and Michael played with his new presents. I buzzed around preparing food for Michael's party. Then we sold out car! We sold it to our good friends BG and Jamaal and the best part is they don't need it right away so we have time to find a new one before we hand over the keys. I'll be working on that quite a bit this week.
Saturday evening we had Michael's birthday party at my parent's pool. Mom decorated and helped me plate all the food to make it look beautiful. It was gorgeous. I served caprese salad with crostini, green salad with cucumbers, strawberries, sliced almonds, cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette, pasta with pesto and shrimp and a big antipasti platter with cheeses, sausages, crackers, almonds, olives and chips. We had leis for everyone and mom had all the pool lights on. It was Michael's band members and their spouses and mom and dad so it was really small, but lots of fun. We have some amazing friends and I don't think I've seen Michael laugh that hard or long in a long time. We are so blessed. The boys cracked me up as they all huddled together in the pool. I got to play some bocce ball and catch up with friends and had a wonderful time.
This morning came extremely early, but we took it easy and laid around until time to go back to the pool for Kade's birthday. Mom and Tiffany made a beautiful lunch and we all laid around the pool and ate and watched the kids and chatted. I can't believe my sweet nephew is ten! So grown up. He is a great kid and fun to be with.
And tomorrow morning is Davis' first day at his new school. We are all excited and a little bit nervous. I'm sure I'll take some pictures and put them up. Sam will hang out with me until Wednesday when he goes back for his final year at our beloved montessori school. And then we will have two more days before our next whirlwind weekend. Woohoo! I love this time of year.

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