Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Purple Hair , Vegan, Swimming, Camp, Good Times

On Thursday I went in to the salon to get my blond roots touched up. I went white/blond in streaks last spring with the plan to wear them all summer and then turn those streaks purple in the fall. This time, my hairdresser didn't leave the bleach on quite long enough and after we washed it out, said we had to do it again. I was all out of patience with that, so I told her to just go ahead with the purple streak plan.
So I walked out of the salon with extremely vibrant purple hair. It's so vibrant that someone shouted out "Purple Power!" at me in the farmer's market. Children point me out to their parents loudly in my presence. Sometimes people look at me and break into nervous giggles. It's not a subtle choice.
Friday I drove to pick up my children. We had lunch at our meeting spot in Columbus and Martha and Clark filled me in on the week. When we got home the kids had major meltdowns. Davis threw an epic fit. Later that night he told me how hard he had tried all week to be good at Grandma and Grandpa's and so he just needed to have the fit once he got home. We talked a bit about managing our anger and emotions and gave each other big hugs and reconnected. I think I really got through to him and it was a nice talk.
They both said they had a good time and Davis would happily do it again. Sam missed me more and is more unsure whether he'd like a repeat. Maybe a bit shorter or maybe after a break he says. I ended up really enjoying the break and feeling better for it. (In fact it was awesome.) I missed them, but it was good for all of us. Michael struggled a bit coming back to the reality again though.
Saturday, Michael came home from California and we cleaned house while the boys attended an audition workshop at Texas State. Then we all went out to lunch and celebrated being a family again. We all decided to go Vegan last week and this was our first meal at a restaurant being so. It was surprisingly easy and cheap. That afternoon we had a pool party with Stacey and Chris and their girls. I had to try and keep my head out of the water as the purple dye in my hair runs everywhere as soon as my head gets wet. (It's very annoying.)
Sunday we used our Schlitterbahn season passes and spent the day at the water park. It was much more crowded and hot than last time. My hair ran purple and we all had fun in the morning and then sort of fizzled out in the afternoon. We went home and ended the day with showers and then a movie at home.
The boys started theater camp this week and love it. They are doing the Wizard of Oz. Almost all of their little circle of friends are doing it with them. Davis is the Tin Man and Sam is Toto. Sam is the youngest kid in the whole camp and I am so pleased that he was given Toto. It's perfect for him and he loves being a dog. Davis is also thrilled with being the Tin Man as that was his first choice since we saw the movie.
Michael is in Dallas again this week and I am solo parenting and working. The weather is miserable hot and I feel like I am marking time until another weekend. I need to work more at staying in the moment and enjoying myself. Still, it's very nice not to have any tragedies around here. Quiet and calm is a good thing. That's all for now folks!

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cheris said...

Cuuuuute! Rob will be so mad I didn't dye my hair purple too. ;)