Sunday, September 9, 2012

Davis and a Virus

Here's how the weekend was supposed to go:
Friday afternoon- playdate with montessori friends at Jumpy Place
Friday evening- Dinner out with daddy
Saturday morning- kid birthday party
Saturday afternoon- Marchelle and Marc over for visit
Saturday evening- kids at my parents for sleep over, go to Austin for drinks and dinner at cool bar and Texas Roller Girl Championship to celebrate Cheris' birthday.

Here's how it really went:
Friday afternoon- Davis has melt down at Jumpy place. We leave early.
Friday evening- Davis spikes fever, we cancel dinner plans. Davis goes to bed early. He wakes up vomiting an hour later. We move him our room and stay up with him holding the bucket until 3:30 in the morning while trying to keep his fever down to 102. He then proceeds to moan all night and none of us sleep.
Saturday morning- cancel all plans. Davis sleeps all morning, but fever breaks.
Saturday afternoon- Davis feels all better!, But we go to Urgent care, because Davis breaks out in rash all over.
Saturday evening- Davis has a virus, it's already run it's course, he's well, but tired. We all go to bed. (I go to sleep by 8:40pm)

And all's well that ends well. Davis is well, though slightly pink. We are enjoying this beautiful, cool, gorgeous Sunday. We plan to spend it outside today. At 11AM Davis will be 24 hours free of fever so we feel like we've made it through. We're just so glad this happened this weekend instead of next while we're in NYC. Only four more days till our trip!

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cheris said...

Whew! Glad everyone is okay!

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