Sunday, September 23, 2012

Port A Getaway

When I looked at my fall calendar at the end of summer, I realized we only had one weekend free to go to the beach. I asked Mom if we could use the condo and she said it was free. We marked it on the calendar. On Thursday, sick as dog and just home from NYC, I decided I couldn't go. On Friday I was still sure we weren't going, but Michael sat down with me at lunch and convinced me we could do it. He promised he would be super dad.
So I packed and loaded up the car and we all drove down to Port Aransas Friday evening. The kids were thrilled. They knew that Sadie and Charlie and Rowan and Brynn were also going to be down there and they wanted to play with them! We got to the condo in time for me to make supper and go to sleep.
Saturday was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining and the beach sand was almost white and the water was almost blue. The weather was in the mid 80's with a nice breeze. There was no seaweed and there were no jelly fish. We breakfasted and packed up and drove down to the beach in front of the Sand Castle where our friends were staying.
We set up on the beach and our friends all joined us and brought chairs, an ez-up and a surf board. It was wonderful. We ladies sat under the shade or in the shallow waters at the edge of the beach. Michael and the guys went in the water with the kids and helped them boogie board and surf. The kids ran around with buckets and nets and caught tons of minnows. We had a picnic lunch and then Michael used his buckets he had drilled holes in to make huge sand castles. It was pretty much a perfect day with perfect company. A perfect beach day. Remind me to always go to the beach in the early fall. It's amazing.
We left the beach around three and went back to the condo to clean up and rest. We went back into town around 4:30 to sit on the porch of Shell's restaurant and wait for it to open. When it did we claimed a table and proceeded to have an amazing dinner. We had roasted garlic and house made foccacia break and tomato bruschettas. Davis had linguine with pesto and Sam had angel hair with olive oil, garlic and roasted tomatoes.
Michael had a spicy, creamy chipotle sauce with crab on rigatoni and I had grilled wahoo with a mango salsa. It was so delicious. So delicious, that I will forgive them the rodent that I saw once there a long time ago. It was that good.
The kids fell asleep the moment we got home and Michael and I curled up on the couch with a movie. It was great. And today we packed up and came home. When we got home Sam said he felt bad and when I felt his head, I realized he was burning up with fever. This really sucks as this is our third illness in three weeks. At least we had some fun in there. I am feeling better though still exhausted. Michael has both boys in Davis' room where they are unpacking a HUGE box of Michael's childhood legos. I pray this fever goes away quickly and the weekend can be remembered as a great one.

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cheris said...

I like how Michael said he'd be Superdad, then *you* had to pack and make dinner. ;) Heh.