Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Festival, feeling down, moving on

I've had a week off work. The beginning of the week was nice. I got to spend an afternoon lunching and shopping with Cheris at Whole Foods. It was a wonderful day. I got to spend a morning with Marchelle registering for baby items and then we had a great lunch at Tarka. I got the house clean and caught up on my bill paying.
Thursday and Friday were crap days. Just terrible. Interpersonal relations were not my strong suit. I had several unpleasant interactions with people. There was conflict which I'm never good at. I messed up and embarrassed myself. I felt unpleasant, unpopular and a little stepped on. Just not fun.
I was looking forward to escaping into the hill country with good friends, and then their daughter got sick and so they understandably couldn't go. Then our kids refused to go and demanded a pumpkin patch instead. I was so emotionally tired, I gave in and instead of our weekend getaway, we decided to sleep at home and do a day trip. It was probably a good thing anyway since we were gone last weekend and will be gone again next weekend. And also it was probably a good thing because Sam has been presenting a very low grade fever since Saturday afternoon. It hasn't gotten higher than 100.3, but it keeps showing up.
Saturday was better. Yesterday we woke early and took Davis to the doctor for this weird rash he has on his torso. We thought it might be related to the antibiotic he just finished, but were told it's viral and that it comes at the end of a virus after it's done being contagious. They said these viruses we've seen in our house over the last month can last for months as they wax and wane. She said to ignore it and move on so we did.
We drove to Bastrop, had an awesome lunch including a spicy black bean burger on jalepeno bun with french fries and wine at Roadhouse and then drove to the Barton Hills Fall Festival. We passed an F-4 Phantom on the side of the road and the car screeched over to the side as Michael and the boys clamored to get a better look.
When we got to the festival it was threatening rain, but it held off long enough for us to have a good time. The boys had a blast running from one fun area to another. They loved the hay bale swings, the fort, the round haybales for climbing and the corn maze. I decided to further poison my body and got an Oktoberfest beer. It was delicious and I enjoyed it thoroughly while we followed the boys through the maze. And then I felt awful. I sat on a bench and moaned while the kids did sack racing and played washers and climbed trees.
We went home and I laid on the couch while Michael rigged the computer to the big screen TV and we watched the ACL festival live. I was miserable, but at least I had good entertainment. I'd forgotten how bad it felt to put those things in my body. I won't be doing it again soon.
Today I took Davis to church and left Michael and Sam to play at home. I'm glad I went because it helped me to reframe the last few days and helped put me in a better place. Then we had lunch and Michael left the boys with me while he went up to visit our friends Fabian and Brad. I just took Sam's temperature and he had a 101.3 temp now so we'll move forward cautiously. I'm hoping next week will be better. I just need to stay positive and focus on the many blessings we have in our lives.

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