Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Soup Swap

I hosted a fall soup swap on Sunday afternoon. It was a very pretty day after a weekend of lots of rain (almost 4 inches!) We started the day at church where I was doing the lay leading and reading a reflection and singing "Imagine". It was really meaningful and I enjoyed it very much to participate. Afterwards we rushed home and got ready for our party.
Michael and Rob went over to our friends house with the kids plus Ransom and Ellis for an epic playdate that began there and ended at my parents house with Kade. I think they all had a great time.
My soup swap was well attended and we ended up having eleven different kinds of soup. Lots of them were vegan which was great so I had a ton of selection. They all sounded delicious too. We had coconut chickpea soup, roasted red pepper, mushroom bison, chicken tortilla, tomato basil (the winner), curried pumpkin soup with shrimp, sweet potato black bean, curried butternut squash, cauliflower cream soup, mulligatawny and afghan wedding soup. It was lots of fun though my soup was not favored. I had a brief moment of cooking self-doubt, but had some wine and moved on.
I had lots of my favorite people there and it was great to relax and chat with them without worrying about keeping an eye on our kids. I love soup swap. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! I've already had two of the soups and enjoyed them thoroughly. Hopefully this will tide me over till our annual soup swap in January. Good times.