Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More sick

Sam gashed his head open on a tree branch at school yesterday and Davis came home with 100.3 fever. Why? Why? Why can't I have a healthy, well week? This is week number 4 with a sick member of our household.
Sam's head will be fine. It's already scabbing over and I don't think it needed stitches.
Davis has 103 degree fever right now and is sound asleep. The doctor said he had a virus and an ear infection. It's not a surprise because when Sam was sick last week and missed three days of school, the doctor said the same thing. Now they are both on antibiotics.
I've wiped down every surface and doorknob so many times now. I keep thinking we're all done being sick and someone else falls. Davis began this sick month, four weeks ago with a fever. Maybe we've come full circle and we can end stop now.