Sunday, October 28, 2012

Texas Ren Fest

Woah, I'm behind around here. My grandfather went into the hospital this week (he's home now and doing well), but everything else sort of went onto the side burner and the blog went as well.
Last weekend we drove up to Sugar Land and spent the weekend with Michael's parents. We drove up Friday after art class and got in late (we listened to Artemis Fowl in the car and we enjoyed it). Saturday we rose early and dressed the boys in their Robin Hood and Little John costumes and drove to the Renaissance Festival. We had a great time. We saw the joust and the falcon show and a belly dance show. The kids played all the games and rode an elephant. Davis got a new bow and was thrilled. It was good times.
We had terrible traffic coming home, turning a 1.5 hour road trip into 3. When we got back to Michael's parents house, we were glad to be out of the car! The boys and Michael and Clark fished off the back deck while Martha and I prepped dinner and then sat outside on the deck and chatted. The boys fell asleep early and Martha and I had a wonderful talk while the men watched the UT game.
Sunday morning Clark went off the Texan game and the rest of us went to the Dragon boat races. I enjoyed them, but the kids were quickly bored and fussy. We aborted the mission and went to lunch at the Genghis Grill instead. It was perfect for vegans and very tasty. I wish we had one in San Marcos.
After lunch we loaded the car and drove home in time to have a late afternoon visit with my sister and her family who had been visiting my parents for the weekend. We ended Sunday with a family movie night of the Iron Giant (excellent!) and the loss of Davis' eighth tooth! It was a really nice trip and weekend.

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cheris said...

Glad your Gpa is doing better!