Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween '12

We had a nice weekend and Halloween last week. We had dinner out on Friday with some new friends at Japaneiro.
We played with Kade and did home things and built a fire and read guidebooks on a very chilly Saturday. That evening we attended the Texas Civil Rights Project dinner with Anne, Elizabeth, Jeff and Zach in Austin. We enjoyed meeting Lilly Ledbetter and spending time with our friends.
On Sunday we attended church and then had the Gardners over for the afternoon. I made lunch and we all ate and then we watched the kids have a blast leaping on the hay bales. Sunday evening Michael and I drove up to Austin to see Bill Cosby in concert. He was still funny and we enjoyed our date night.
I spent almost six hours at the hair salon this week changing my hair color from dark brown to dark blonde with highlights. I call it bronde. I prefer my natural color, but now that I am 40% gray, I need to make some changes to incorporate the gray rather than try just to cover it. I like it.
Wednesday was Halloween. The kids wore costumes to school and I got to attend Davis' school halloween party. We went straight from school to piano lessons to a Halloween potluck party at our friends house. It was a fun potluck with good food and lots of cute kids. We walked from their house to San Antonio street here in San Marcos where there is some excellent trick or treating. The kids had a blast and it was so fun to watch them trick or treat. Good times.

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