Friday, November 23, 2012

Samuel is Six

Sam's birthday was great. Davis stayed fever free all day and seemed well by afternoon. We started the day with Sam's request of pancakes and then we all gathered in the living room and opened presents. He wore his golden birthday crown and loved his presents. We assembled Legos an splayed with toys and then had lunch at Orlando's. After lunch we went to twirl and Sam spent his fifty dollar gift card. They got great toys, but the playground was closed in anticipation of today's Christmas party. We shopped the square and then came home and played some more. Sam loved his birthday. Late that evening Marcie and Ann and family arrived and we all chatted and hung out until night. It was a wonderful, clear, gorgeous day full of love. I can't believe my sweet tiny baby is six.
He has grown into such a sweet boy. He is sensitive and shy, but when he's comfortable he is a class clown. He really loves making us laugh. He loves silly dances. He adores stuffed animals and truly believes his are real. He asks me to feed and care for them all day when he is at school. He is active and wiggly and cuddly, just like a puppy. He enjoys puzzles and wil spend a long time working one over and over again. Sam loves art and creating. He is often the leader in imagination games with Davis and makes almost all their creative choices. He has a great singing voice, but seldom sings in public. He is generous with hugs and kisses. We love him so much and really enjoy him at this age. Happy birthday to my Samuel Brazos.

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