Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgining 2012 Taos part 2

We loved Breaking Dawn 2. It was made for the fans and we appreciated it. It was a nice date.
Tuesday I went for a run and then Sam and I baked a vegan pecan pie. He really wanted to do this for Thanksgiving and I was happy to do it with him.
Michael and the boys and I went out for lunch at Gutiz. It was wonderful. Really amazing good. It may be a new favorite. Then we headed to the plaza. We walked all around and did some shopping and then we walked to the Harwood Art Gallery. We loved it. The art was great and even the kids were engaged though Davis was a bit grumpy. We walked down LeDoux street and stopped at the Inger Jerby gallery. It was so whimsical and Brit. LeDoux street is great and deserves some more time and inspection.
We returned home and Davis and I took a nap and then we all gathered in the living room for conversation and happy hour.
Davis was still acting grumpy and tired and felt a bit warm. We ignored that and headed to happy hour at KTAOS. It was too cold to sit outside so we found a big table indoors. Michael played with the kids outside, but Davis came inside almost immediately and sat in mom's lap. We ate onion rings and tacos and Saar by the fire and enjoyed ourselves, but it became more and more obvious that Davis was truly ill. We took him home at 5:30 and put him straight to bed with a 101.6 temp. We continued happy hour in front of the fire and had a jolly time.
I slept in The kids room last night. Davis woke up still sick and nauseous. since he is still on antibiotics for walking pneumonia, we are assuming its a virus.
Today is Sam's birthday. We will make it happy for him as best we can. We have plans for a visit to Twirl and marcie and the fam are coming this evening. we will work around the sick. Can't this kid catch a birthday break?

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