Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Taos 2012 part 1

We had a good road trip up to Taos. We let Sam skip school on Friday and picked up Davis at 10:15 so he could be counted present. We drove up through Fredericksburg and stopped in Mason for a picnic lunch. We continued up to Lubbock and got in around 6pm. We arrayed at the Overton and it was fabulous. The restaurant was delicious.
We woke up early on Saturday morning and continued our drive. We listened to Harry Potter on he way and the kids love it. We stopped in Las Vegas for lunch and ate at Kocina Raphael. They have good sopapillas there. We got into Taos at 1:20 pm and unpacked. We relaxed and visited with mom and dad and G.G. and Gramp. We sat in front of the fire and worked a puzzle and then mom and I made dinner. We all went to bed early.
Taos is beautiful this time of year. There aren't any tourists yet (the ski valley doesn't open till Friday). The weather is crisp and cold. We are having his in the mid fifties and lows in the twenties. We haven't seen any snow down here yet, but there is some snow on the mountains. The sky is clear and bright blue and everything outside smells like sage and piƱon wood smoke.
On Saturday I went for a run and then mom and I did some grocery shopping. We all met Marcie and her family at a new restaurant called Old Martina's Hall. E food and atmosphere were wonderful, but the service was terrible. Mom, Ann and Davis didn't get there food until an hour after my grandparents and thirty minutes after all of us. It's a shame because my jicama, black bean salad was delish.
After lunch we all hung out at the house and the kids played outside building a fairy house using bottles collected on a walk with Mom and Dad and walking the walls. Marcie and mom and I planned our Thanksgiving menu. We sat around the fire and sipped and then later had wonderful soup and salad and crispy French bread. Marcie's family had to leave, but they'll be back Wednesday evening.
This morning mom and I did Pilates, the kids received fairy candy and are working hard on improvements, and Michael is on a run. We'll make a trip to Cids this morning and Michael and I are going to see the last installment of the Twilight movie this afternoon.
We love Taos so much.

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TechMama said...

I am glad you postd teh oad trip details because we are thinking of tking one there as well! Maybe we will follow your route.