Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wurstfest, Juniper Hills Farm, and Ragtime

This weekend has been busy with lots of fun and more to come. Thursday I spent the morning with Stacey on her birthday, shopping at Target and lunching at Palmers. Friday night, we took the kids to art class and snuck off to have a sushi date. An hour later, we picked them up and dropped them off for an overnight stay with their mimi and pawpaw. Then Michael and I drove over to Stacey and Chris' house for Stacey's birthday celebration where we met up with Anne, Jeff and Elizabeth and Zach and did a little pre-party partying. Then we drove to New Braunfels for Wurstfest. I'd never been before. I was expecting it to be similar to Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, but it was much different. It was much bigger and was inclosed in different buildings. There were tons of people and made for very good people watching. We drank and ate (I poisoned my body with delicious beer and french fries) and danced a little. It wasn't perfectly suited for me, but I loved getting to spend time with our friends.
Saturday we cleaned house and worked out and then left the kids with a sitter to pick up Mom and Dad and Stacey and Chris and drive out to Juniper Hills Farm for a cooking class. We met Marchelle and Marc there and David and Dreanne. Marchelle had given me a generous gift certificate to Juniper Hills when I helped her plan her wedding. I was excited to share it with mom and Stacey for their birthdays. The facility was gorgeous. The kitchen was huge and had big picture windows. We saw a fox nibbling on fruit right outside! The cooking class wasn't really a class. Basically they handed out recipes and laid out the ingredients and told us to go to it! Not a problem if you are a cook already, but I didn't learn any new tricks or techniques. On the good side though, it was wonderful to not have to do any clean up at all and to have all the ingredients shopped for and ready. The best part was cooking with my friends. It is one of my favorite things to do. We drank champagne and cooked and then sat outside and laughed our heads off. Then we went inside and had a feast! It was delicious and great company. Thank you so much to Marchelle and Marc!
Today we are headed to church and then up to Austin to see Ragtime in the brand new theater at Zach Scott. It's my grandma's birthday and this is her birthday celebration. The kids will playdate with their friends Violet and Graham while we are at the show and they are very excited. Hopefully this will be a great day too.

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