Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas everybody. I hope you all had a happy day filled with love. We followed tradition around here. Sam and Michael and I woke up Davis to see what Santa brought. He brought the boys Zoobs, a penguin puzzle game, bey blades and a kindle fire for Davis. Then they opened their stockings and we all sat around in our jammies for a while.
Around 8, we loaded up the car with all the presents and a breakfast casserole and drove over to my parents house. Grandma was sick today and so we had to do without her or my mom for a while, and we missed them, but we moved on as best we could. We opened presents and then did stocking stuffers and then prepared lunch. We got some wonderful, thoughtful gifts and I so enjoyed watching everyone open the gifts we got for them.
Unfortunately, I felt ill all day with a stomach bug. I can only hope it goes away before we get on a plane in the morning. Still, we persevered in our Christmas fun and had a lovely day with people we loved. Mom hosted Christmas dinner this year and we did it potluck style. It was really relaxing and fun and we had great conversation.
We are home now and have put everything away and packed our suitcases to leave early, early in the morning for Taos. A cold front has blown in and it feels really Christmasy to me now. Send good, healthy vibes to my grandma and if you have some left over, to me too, please. Merry Christmas!

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