Sunday, December 9, 2012

December is busy

This week has been busy. We've been out and about with almost no downtime all week.
Davis and Michael made bird houses in Cub Scouts on Monday and brought one home for Sam which he then painted and Michael hung.
I bought and wrapped eighty million presents.
I worked. Michael worked.
I went to the park twice with the kids for playdates after school.
We got new posts put on our back porch to replace the rotten ones and Michael is painting them right now.
I went to the hair salon and became more blond.
The kids made a dreidel and played and played until they ate their gelt.
The dogs had their annual vet appointment and we learned that Henry is losing his sight. Though he's only almost ten, he seems to be aging rapidly. I wonder if that has to do with his pre-adoption life.
Sam has had some stomach troubles and will see a gastro specialist on Monday.
We attended a children's production of Annie yesterday and had a wonderful lunch at Bouldin Creek Cafe with the Liffords. I spent the night last night at a slumber party for Elizabeth's birthday in Canyon Lake. I drove down with Anne and Stacey and shared a room with Cheris and all our friends were there and we sipped and laughed and got in the hot tub. I never was a fan of sleep overs when I was a kid and I almost didn't want to attend this one, but I'm glad I did. It was fun, but I got very little sleep so I am dragging around here. Michael had a playdate with the boys and the dads and kept the home fires burning.
And that's the lowdown on what went on the Walter homestead this week. I'm too tired to be introspective or more chatty. Onward!

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