Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sledding and Skating

Yesterday Michael and the kids played outside with the neighbors while I puttered in the house. We had lunch out at Orlando's and then I had a wonderful nap. Marcie and Ann and the kids had hoped to arrive already, but were delayed so Michael and I loaded the kids up and drove up the mountain to sled with just the four of us. The snow was deep and powdery. We had a blast. Sledding is so fun. Michael and the boys made snow angels and we all wallowed in the snow.
We drove back to the house and had soup and Salad with the Davis- Martinez' who had finally arrived. We put the kids to bed early and then gathered aroundd the fire laughing and talking till bed time.
Today we got up early and Michael and I ran to the store while Marcie watched the kids. Then we all loaded up and went back to the sledding spot for more sledding adventure. We all had a splendid time and I discovered tha whiskey tastes good out of a flask on a winters day. After an hour or so we drove into town for lunch at Doc martins. The service was awful, but the food was delicious. I had a bowl of green chili with sweet potato fries. When we finished lunch we drove over to the Taos swim center for more ice skating fun. That is all Davis wants to do now and Michael and I love it too. We had a wonderful, very cold time. The temp on the ice was around four degrees.
When we got home from our adventures, mom and dad and G.G. and Gramp had come in. We were so happy to be reunited. We had happy hour and I made dinner of pasta, salad and bread. We are all worn out and will go to bed early tonight. We have been having so much fun enjoying this cold, snowy weather.

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