Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowy Taos

We are in Taos and it is a snowy winter wonderland. I've never seen Taos with so much snow. It is beautiful. Almost everything looks like a post card. It is currently four degrees outside, but somehow cold weather never feels as cold here.
We arrived on Wednesday and it was a very long day. I was sick with a stomach bug and wasn't sure I would make it, but thanks to nausea meds and great kids and husband, I made it. We left our house at 6:30am and got to the Taos house at 6:30 pm. We were delayed in Dallas, but our drive from Albuquerque to Taos was easy and pretty. Our driveway had a foot of snow and we got stuck on our way in, but we managed to wiggle and slide our car into the garage.
It snowed overnight on Wednesday and we woke to a gorgeous sight of beautiful, untouched snow. We also woke to the unhappy news that my parents and grandparents were not coming that morning after all, but had been delayed until Sunday due to flight cancellations because of bad snow storms across the country. We had noticed on our own flight lots of cots in the airports and tons of cancellations and felt extra lucky we had gotten through. We were disappointed, but glad of their delay as Gramp had fallen ill and needed some recovery time anyway.
We moved on into our snowy day. We borrowed a shovel from the neighbors and Michael shoveled the driveway and the kids sledded all around him. I rested and tried to recover and managed to get outside to take some pictures. We drove into town for lunch at our favorite Taos restaurant, Gutiz and though I had no appetite and had to box my entree, the rest of my family loved it and I enjoyed my soy chai. We did a Walmart run for gloves and puzzles and sledding helmets and snow shovels and did a quick grocery run and came home. Michael took the kids outside for an epic snowball fight with the neighbors' grandchildren and I made a carrot, ginger, cashew soup and finished my book by the fire. It was lovely. We had a relaxing evening by the fire with battle ship games and time on our kindles and then we all slept long and well.
I feel better today. My grandparents are feeling better as well back home. It is a glorious, sunny, cold day. We are going to visit my cousins at their house in Espaniola and then go ice skating and possibly sledding in Los Alamos. I love it here.

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