Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First half of January

It's cold yo. Freezing cold all the time. I am chilled in my bones. But it's January, so what else could be expected?
We've been having a nice quiet first half of January. We went to a roller rink with friends. It was really fun. Davis got to try out roller blades for the very first time and I learned how to skate backwards. I want to go again very soon.
The boys had a good first week back to school and I got caught up on lots of things. Michael had to go out of town a couple of days, but overall it was nice week.
Last weekend, we drove up and had a wonderful afternoon with Marchelle and Marc. Their house is amazingly beautiful. Marchelle and I managed to sneak away upstairs and have some girl time and it was really refreshing and special to spend time with her. We've been friends for sixteen years and love each other unconditionally. I'm very lucky to have her so close after all these years. And I am so excited that she's going to be a mom soon!
On Sunday we went to church and enjoyed a great sermon on the New Year. From now on I'm walking backward into the future. (You had to be there.) Mom and Dad have joined our church and I am so happy they did! We all went out to lunch after the service and then went home. I went for a run and the kids visited at my parents house while Michael packed and cleaned.
He left early Monday morning for an entire week in Dallas. We already miss him. However, I am enjoying watching old episodes of Vampire Diaries on the big screen without being mocked. I have book group on Thursday and I have a sitter lined up. Should be an okay week.
Stay warm!

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cheris said...

Whoa... Violet looks a little too Roller Girl for me in that pic. ;)