Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MLK Weekend

We had a very nice weekend. Michael came home late Friday evening and we were so happy to see him!
Saturday morning we cleaned and then I went to get my hair done. In the evening we had a babysitter and Michael and I dressed up to go celebrate our friend Jeff's 40th birthday. (I'm putting up a picture of me in my skinny jeans cause I'm so proud of finally hitting my goal weight. I've lost 35 pds!) We had a wonderful dinner with friends at Cool Mint.
Sunday I ran errands and then we all put on our fancy clothes and drove up to Austin with the kids to see the Lion King! It was an amazing spectacle. The kids really enjoyed it and were excellent audience members. Davis began running a low grade fever (99.5) at the play so we came straight home and had a quiet evening.
He seemed totally recovered on Monday so we all went to the MLK march. The kids rode their scooters and enjoyed spending time with their friend Miles. My parents came and we all listened to the speeches and then marched down to the intersection of MLK and LBJ where they broke ground for a new statue dedicated to both men. After the speeches, our UU church sponsored a "peace of the pie" social. We all enjoyed pre-lunch pie and then took my dad out for lunch at Tres Hermanas. They do a wonderful vegan fajita plate with vegan beans. Yum!
So much fun and now the week is flying by again. I've got soup to cook for soup swap this weekend and hordourves to prepare for ranch happy hour on Thursday.
Soon I want to write a blog on the kids, but it can't be today, since it's almost time to go pick them up from school.

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