Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinewood Derby and Soup Swap

We had a really nice weekend.
Friday we had a potluck at the Gardners' house. It was good fun and yummy food.
Saturday morning we drove to Dick's Classic Car garage for the cub scouts pinewood derby competition. Davis had worked very hard on his car. He designed it like the "King" from cars. It did very well, winning three out of it's four heats. We enjoyed spending time with our cub scout parent friends.
After the derby, we were supposed to drive up and spend the day in Austin with the Liffords, but Violet came down with a fever, so we improvised the rest of the day. We picked up some newly framed art from Hobby Lobby and got the kids some models. We had lunch at Los Cucos and played our new Brain Box game which I highly recommend. Then we drove home and I de-cluttered the house, while Michael played with the boys. Kaden came over in the afternoon and the boys all went haybale jumping. It was good times.
Sunday morning Michael and I cleaned the house and then attended church. After church we ate a quick lunch at the Euro cafe (yum!) and then Michael scooped up the kids and took them to a playdate at the Gardners and I hosted soup swap. This was my fifth annual soup swap for National Soup Swap day and the seventh soup swap I have hosted.
There were wonderful soups and we had a great group of ladies. I had a wonderful afternoon, getting to spend time with some of my favorite people. Good times. I love soup swap. It's such a fun an easy and beneficial party to throw.

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