Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snowy New Year

We spent New Years Eve house bound. We woke up to a ton of fresh snow and it continued to snow big, fat flakes all day long. Marcie and Ann and the kids drove in over the mountain, but said it was gnarly driving. I shoveled the driveway and the kids did some epic snow ball fights and we played games and cooked and read by the fire.
We decided it was too snowy to up the mountain for the fireworks and instead stayed in and drank and ate and hung out by the fire. I was happy to be snug and cozy with my loved ones. We watched the ball drop at 10pm New Mexico time and then I called it a night. Perfect.
Today was our last day. We woke early to a bright shining sun, a temperature of -6, and more snow. We made a big breakfast and watched the rose bowl parade, but the kids were going stir crazy so we loaded them up and drove up a very scary, snowy mountain pass to our sledding spot. It was AWESOME! It was two and a half feet do pure powder. Marcie said she'd never seen snow like that. You couldn't pack it. You could scoop up a foot of it and still see each individual flake. The sledding was soft and slow and perfect.
After sledding we had a delicious late lunch at Graham's Grill and toured the plaza and then came home to pack and relax by the fire.
We get up really early in the morning to go home. We are sad our vacation is over. It has been so wonderful. I never realized how much fun clean, fresh snow can be. I also never realized how much fun ice skating could be. Michael is really good at it and I think we may become a rollerblading family. We really love Taos and have enjoyed falling in love with each season.

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